[tex-live] dviselect wishlist?

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Nov 17 01:40:02 CET 2013

    request (wish) to the author(s) of dviselect.

The original author of dviselect (Chris Torek) has not been active for
many years, so we have been "maintaining" it as part of TeX Live (with
his approval).

    I'd like it to return a non-zero value
    when the specified page is out of range.  It would also be
    nice if dviselect didn't generate an output in that case.

Sounds logical -- I've been annoyed by that zero-page output on occasion
myself.  Unfortunately I'm not likely to get to it myself any time soon.
I'm not sure if anyone else will have time.  A patch would surely be
welcome :).

By the way, I think this bit:
  while true; do
     dviselect -i infile.dvi -o out$n.dvi $n || break

could be simplified to:
  while dviselect -i infile.dvi -o out$n.dvi $n; do

It's also necessary to use =$n instead of $n, so that dviselect selects
by absolute page number (1, ..., n), instead of the TeX page numbers,
which are often negative, etc.


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