[tex-live] Where is the root dir of my Tex Live installation

Zdenek Wagner zdenek.wagner at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 11:59:31 CET 2013

2013/11/16 Gerald Pechoc <ubuntu at pechoc.eu>:
> Hi,
> first I thank you all for the many comments on my question.
> I see again, what I already knew, to install TEX is a very difficult thing.
> And unfortunately I am still not a very educated Linux User so I have a lot
> of problem with some difficult explanations on the web.
> Simply to find the ISO File for download need more time as I thought to.
> But I found it, and will on monday download the file and prepare a DVD for a
> new installation.
Installation from a DVD is even more difficult. You will not get
updates, you will have to read the anual of tlmgr in order to find out
how to change the installation repository.

Network installation is the easiest thing:

1. unpack the network installer
2. start the installation script
3. look where it wants to instal TL and make sure this directory (or
its existing parent, if it does not exist yet) is writable by you (it
is better not to be root)
4. if the directory is not writable, either change the directory in
the installer or opne another xterm, become root, create the parant
directory (eg /usr/local/texlive) and chage its ownership by "chown
yourname.yourgroup /usr/local/texlive". If you do not know what
yourname and yourgroup are, try "ls -ld ~"
5. start installation, keep everything as default
6. set PATH according to the instructions displayed at the end of installation

If you install from an ISO image, you can either mount the ISO image
directly (via loop) or burn the DVD. You then follow these steps:

A. make sure that the DVD or the ISO image is mounted without the
noexec option (otherwise you will not be allowed to run the
installation script)
B. steps 2-6 from above
C. set the installation repository to CTAN
D. run "tlmgr update -self -all" in order to get possibly a few
houndred megabytes of updates

You see that installation from a DVD requires more steps, the main
procedure is exactly the same and you heve to download much more data
over the internet.

> But here is the next problem: de-installation
> I have seen I have some distracted directories dealing with TEX but not
> being from  the Tex Live installation.
> Probably I have to search for all what seem to be a part of TEX ad delete it
> manually. Or is there another possibility?
> After the new installation I will give you a report under the same subject
> line.
> Many thanks for your helping comments!
> Gerald
> On 2013-11-16 03:38, Scott Kostyshak wrote:
>> Hi Lars,
>> Thanks for the comments. See my responses in-line.
>> On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 5:59 PM, Lars Madsen <daleif at imf.au.dk> wrote:
>>> Scott, I noticed that you mention on the Web page at it installs or at
>>> least
>>> links the installation where Ubuntu would have installed it.
>>> Then what when people want to uninstaller? Fx we do not really encourage
>>> users to use the "link into usual places" feature because people tend to
>>> forget they made them and end up in a lot of mess.
>> I'm surprised that no one has put a feature request for an uninstaller
>> yet. However, I don't see how the linking in particular poses a
>> problem. The uninstaller would just delete the link. Let me explain
>> more the purpose of the linking. I'm not trying to fool Ubuntu into
>> thinking that TeX Live is in the same location as it would have been
>> if installed from the repositories. I'm informing TeX Live (the manual
>> install) of the location where many auxiliary LaTeX packages would be
>> installed with an "apt-get". Please let me know if you want more of an
>> explanation or if you have suggestions for how to improve things
>> (perhaps you are suggesting that not doing the linking at all would be
>> an improvement?).
>> The following is what the linking does:
>> if [ "${LINK_UBUNTU}" = 1 ]; then
>>      cd "$(kpsewhich -var-value TEXMFLOCAL)/tex/"
>>      ln -s "/usr/share/texmf/tex/" "UbuntuTexDir"
>> fi
>>> Other than that interesting idea.
>>> Please consider submitting some of this to the tl project to make life
>>> easier for (some) users.
>> I'm happy to work with anyone. However, I think that install-tl-ubuntu
>> and the TeX Live project have different goals. My interpretation (and
>> I wouldn't be surprised if I misunderstood something here) is that the
>> TeX Live project wants to encourage users to have a non-automated and
>> flexible TeX Live installation, which should be done after reading the
>> TeX Live Guide, or perhaps only the Quick install guide. I think this
>> is the correct approach and would not want things to be different.
>> There are also the TeX Live packages in the Ubuntu repository but I
>> don't know if those are encouraged or not.
>> My goals with install-tl-ubuntu are automation and simplicity, at the
>> cost of some hackishness and assumptions (although install-tl-ubuntu
>> does provide a fair amount of options, doing a manual install is far
>> more flexible). I think this approach is less "correct" but is liked
>> by many users of Ubuntu who do not want to spend the time reading and
>> understanding the installation steps and are just looking for
>> something that pretty much works and that integrates with other parts
>> of Ubuntu (e.g. apt); or are looking for something that can be put on
>> autopilot.
>> I am very interested in any feedback and suggestions. I know little
>> about TeX Live and proper installation. Despite this lack of
>> expertise, I continue to suggest the install-tl-ubuntu script as an
>> option to consider because the feedback that I've gotten is that it
>> has indeed made things simple for users.
>> Thanks again for your comments,
>> Scott

Zdeněk Wagner

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