[tex-live] Boxes and synctex

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Mar 22 10:01:13 CET 2013


This many not be the proper place to ask.

Who should one ask about synctex and TeX features that affects synctex?

Here is an example





the showlocs style is basically just adding a frame drawn using the picture env from within the footer.

Typeset using pdflatex with synctex enabled.

Then in my Emacs setup with Evince, reverse search on the word 'test' in the PDF sends me below the last \kant command. If I recompile without the showlocs, then I end just below 'test'.

I'm trying to understand why this happens.

In real life text the effect is even worse than the example above. Reverse search maybe offf some 20-30 lines in the source code.


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