[tex-live] texdoc fixme

Didier Verna didier at didierverna.net
Wed Feb 20 10:06:05 CET 2013

Karl Berry wrote:

> Everything under doc/ (among other places) is searched.  I doubt it
> would be a good idea to start guessing subdirectories to eliminate.

  Probably not.

> s/texlive/texdoc/ in any case ...  (And, for the record once again,
> best to report texdoc issues to texdoc at tug.org.)

Noted. However, when I discovered the existence of this file (the
fixme.pdf one in the ConTeXt directory), I wondered why it was present
in a /distribution/ in the first place, since it doesn't bring anything
useful to anyone (except perhaps the ConTeXt developers?). That's why
the problem appeared to me more like a distribution one.

> How's Lisp hacking going :)?

  Beware, TiCL's on the way... :-)

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