[tex-live] possible bug in newtx

Heiko Bauke heiko.bauke at snafu.de
Tue Feb 19 09:37:08 CET 2013


the recent update of the newtx package in texlive 2012 breaks
Matplotlib 1.1 under Ubuntu 12.04.2, see http://matplotlib.org/.  
Plots are generated with

import pylab
import matplotlib
matplotlib.rc('font', size=11)
matplotlib.rc('font', family='serif')
matplotlib.rc('text', usetex=True)
matplotlib.rc('text.latex', preamble=[r'\usepackage{txfonts}'])

and Python skripts crash with 

/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/matplotlib/dviread.pyc in _fnt_def(self, k, c, s, d, a, l, n)
    362         tfm = _tfmfile(n[-l:])
    363         if c != 0 and tfm.checksum != 0 and c != tfm.checksum:
--> 364             raise ValueError, 'tfm checksum mismatch: %s'%n  
    365         # It seems that the assumption behind the following check is incorrect:

    366         #if d != tfm.design_size:

ValueError: tfm checksum mismatch: rtxmi

Similar errors are caused when \usepackage{txfonts} is replaced by 

I am not able to decide if it is the new newtx package or matplotlib 
that is buggy.  Downgrading to newtx 28648, however, helped me to get 
rid of the described issues.  (Do not forget to clean 
.matplotlib/tex.cache when trying to reproduce these errors.)

Is there a way to keep a particular package version, e.g, the mentioned
newtx 28648, even when »tlmgr update --all« is called?


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