[tex-live] So far.....expensive failure

Denis Bitouzé dbitouze at wanadoo.fr
Fri Feb 15 07:20:53 CET 2013

Le jeudi 14/02/13 à 10h44,
Nicolas Richard <theonewiththeevillook at yahoo.fr> a écrit :

> As previously mentionned, you could also make the tl tree locally
> available [See http://tug.org/texlive/acquire-mirror.html]. It avoids
> the big traffic to the Internet, and impacts few local users. The only
> requirements, IIUC, is to have your students (i) use a (possibly
> dedicated) local network,

As numerous students come with their own laptop, it is not that easy.

> and (ii) use your local repository during the installation

As our local network is not a gigabit one, I guess it would take a very
long time.

> (then revert to an official CTAN mirror so that they can still update
> afterwards).


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