[tex-live] So far.....expensive failure

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Thu Feb 14 01:23:37 CET 2013

i guess the real answer here is "more documentation".

why is the iso image on ctan?  (a) because it always has been ... though
i don't believe we had tl v1 on ctan, and (b) as an "icon of freedom".

neither of these are notably strong arguments, but if we nevertheless
retain the file on ctan, we must improve the documentation in that
directory.  all we have is a readme file, and imo that would be improved
by a sentence saying (to first order) "you probably don't want to use
this stuff unless you intend produce a dvd distribution of your own".

after that, there's already a link to the tug.org page on best
techniques for acquiring and installing a new copy.

however, we must realise that even with first-class encouragement,
people will inevitably do the wrong thing.

kudos to the op of this thread for standing up to complain, rather than
skulking in a corner (as i tend to do when flummoxed by this sort of

with a modicum of luck we'll come out with better documentation.

but now i must go to bed.



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