[tex-live] Adding texdoc only adds link

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jan 23 01:38:19 CET 2012

    Actually not, since he used TLU which is tlmgr to install texdoc,
    so he should have gotten the full normal package.

Axel said he started by installed basictex.  I don't remember exactly
how Koch set it up, but as I recall, it is not simply a TL installation
with certain collections.  I seem to remember talking about making a
scheme-basictex but it hasn't happened.

Then there is the question of TLU <-> basictex interactions.  We are
several steps away from a normal tlmgr invocation.

Anyway, Axel, if you run "tlmgr install texdoc" perhaps there will be
something useful in the output.  But I suspect it will be hard to trace
back or reproduce since this is not a usual setup.  Hence my suggestion
of starting on the MacTeX side.


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