[tex-live] Installing latest TeX Live on Ubuntu

Bob Plantz plantz at cds1.net
Mon Feb 27 01:50:22 CET 2012

On 2/26/2012 4:30 PM, John Minter wrote:
> Many of the posters have given you excellent advice. Might I suggest
> one more consideration - how you have your disk partitioned. On
> packages like TeXlive, I like to plan installs that make OS upgrades
> less of a problem. Many system packages write to /usr/local, so I
> don't usually install my custom packages there. Sometimes packages you
> want to install depend on the older system TeX package, so the safest
> thing to do is find another directory where you can install your
> shared packages that the system won't over-write. I usually create a
> partition for / and one for /home. Then, when I reinstall the OS, I
> can reformat the / partition and leave the /home partition with all
> the data in place. Accordingly, I create a /home/shared directory and
> make it read-write accessible by my user account. I then install
> TeXlive in /home/shared/texlive and set environment variables as
> others have mentioned. Of course I have /home/shared/bin and
> /home/shared/scripts for all those binaries and shared scripts that
> don't warrant an individual folder. This practice has made my life
> easier over several OS upgrades. Your mileage may vary...
> Best regards,
> John
I use the same partitioning scheme and would also like to install the 
latest TexLive. But this leads to a question: What happens if I install 
another program from the Ubuntu repositories that depends on TexLive? 
It, of course, insists that the TexLive version from the Ubuntu 
repositories (TL 2009) be installed. Should one install both versions of 
TexLive? Or is there a way to satisfy the deb dependency requirements 
using the "local" install of TexLive (TL 2011)?

(I apologize to the OP if this is too far off the topic of your original 
post, but I have encountered this issue and did not know what to do.)


> On 02/26/2012 05:11 AM, Nickolai Leschov wrote:
>> I have trouble installing latest TeX Live on Ubuntu. [...]
>> I try to follow the instructions "TeX Live and Debian/Ubuntu"
>> (http://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html), section "Integrating vanilla
>> TeX Live with Debian". First, how do I install "as root, system-wide"?
>> I do "sudo ./install-tl" Is this right? [...]

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