[tex-live] Installing latest TeX Live on Ubuntu

Nickolai Leschov nleschov at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 12:11:54 CET 2012


I have trouble installing latest TeX Live on Ubuntu. I need the latest
version of TeX Live, so I install with the install-tl installer, not
from repositories.

I try to follow the instructions "TeX Live and Debian/Ubuntu"
(http://www.tug.org/texlive/debian.html), section "Integrating vanilla
TeX Live with Debian". First, how do I install "as root, system-wide"?
I do "sudo ./install-tl" Is this right? Then, how do I "ensure that
the only Debian TeX Live packages installed are tex-common, texinfo,
and perhaps lmodern"?

Unfortunately, after following the instructions the latex command
cannot be found after reboot. How do I add latex to the path

I tried to reinstall in wizard mode with "./install-tl -gui wizard"
but it says "(default not allowed or not writable - please change!)"
about the installation directory. Is this because the "sudo" I added?
How do I fix it?

My system is Ubuntu 11.04 i386, later I intend to install on 9.04 i386 too.

Best regards,
Nickolai Leschov

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