[tex-live] [patch] xetex fails to load formats with zlib 1.2.6

Dan Ports drkp at csail.mit.edu
Sat Feb 11 01:02:35 CET 2012

If you're using (or maintaining :-) a TL distribution with
--with-system-zlib, you may have noticed that xetex is unusable with
the latest release of zlib (1.2.6). It fails with the error
  (Fatal format file error; I'm stymied)

This release of zlib fixed a bug with gzeof() to make its behavior
match that of feof(). gzeof() now returns true only if the last read
went *past* the end of file, not just up to EOF.

Unfortunately, xetex relies on the old behavior when loading formats:
it checks for gzeof() after it's read the last byte of the file. That
check now fails with zlib 1.2.6, causing xetex to reject the format.

The attached patch removes the offending check and unstymies xetex.


Dan R. K. Ports              MIT CSAIL                http://drkp.net/
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