[tex-live] I can not find pdftex.cfg in texlive2011 .

waterloo waterloo2005 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 05:11:50 CET 2012

Thanks , Now it is OK.
But when I run tlmgr generate updmap , I find a error :
   create a mapfile for pxdvi       : false
Is this serious ?

在 2012年2月4日 上午6:24,Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com>写道:

> 2012/2/3 waterloo <waterloo2005 at gmail.com>:
> > I find an error:
> >   gsftopk: fatal: map file `ln9.map' not found.
> >
> > I have copy all map files to TEXMFLOCAL/pdftex/local/config/ (I use
> portable
> > installation).
> > I think it is the matter of pdftex.map file.
> > pdftex.map is also in TEXMFLOCAL/pdftex/local/config/ .
> >
> > I think the manuls are too old and too dificult for newbie like me.
> >
> The problem is that you read the old manuals instead of the right
> ones. If you get any piece of software, you can assume that it comes
> with manuals and cannot expect that all manuals available from other
> unrelated sources reflect any particular piece of software. Some time
> ago you asked where to find information, I suggested manuals of updmap
> and tlmgr, Here texdoc is your tool and "texdoc texdoc" tells you how
> to use it. In addition, users are not expected to interact directly
> with the internals. The internal are not described in the user
> manuals, if you want to understand them, you have to study the code of
> the supporting scripts. You spend month studying them and finally you
> find that it was much better to read and follow the user manuals.
> As already suggested in this thread, the steps are simple:
> 1. Put ln9.map to a directory below TEXMFLOCAL/fonts/map, PFB files to
> a directory below TEXMFLOCAL/fonts/type1, TFM files to a directory
> below TEXMFLOCAL/fonts/tfm, if you have other files, locate similar
> files under texmf-dist and build a similar directory structure below
> 2. Run mktexlsr
> 3. Run updmap-sys --enable Map=ln9.map
> It should now work (unless you have managed to damage your font
> configuration). If your font configuration is damaged, you shouw
> follow the next steps (but you should do them anyway). If you update
> your TeX Live, the manual changes made in step 3 will be lost. In
> order to keep them, create file TEXMFLOCAL/web2c/updmap-local.cfg
> containing the following line:
> Map ln9.map
> Run mktexlsr
> If the fonts did not work after step 3, you should regenerate the
> correct font maps. Use the following command:
> tlmgr generate updmap
> This will remove all your manual changes from the map files, create
> the fresh files and add correctly formatted lines from
> updmap-local.cfg to all internal structures. "tlmgr --help" will give
> you this information.
> Is this that difficult to follow?
> > On 2012-2-3 下午10:48, "Zdenek Wagner" <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com> wrote:
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