[tex-live] xindy doesn't work on windows

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Fri Aug 24 08:39:50 CEST 2012

Joachim Schrod wrote:

> The behavior is that way because the author of the Perl standard
> module File::Temp decided it to be that way. If you think that's a
> problem, you should probably discuss that with him/her on a perl
> distribution list, and not here on TL mailing list. Nobody here
> will be able to change that behavior, and nobody will care. You're
> barking up the wrong tree.

We have a saying in English, Joachim : "a bad workman always blames
his tools".  Now there is no doubt whatsoever that those responsible
for TeX Live are /not/ bad workmen, and many of them have been very
active in trying to identify and solve Ulrike's problem (Akira-san
in particular), but if a package author, or TL writer, or whatever,
makes a conscious choice to use Perl, then he or she must accept
responsibility for any shortcomings that result from that choice,
not seek to pass the buck and say "Nuffin' to do wiv me, Guv.".

That said, if you had read the thread to the end before replying
to one message that appeared somewhere in the middle, you would
have seen that I had already written :

> OK, fine, thank you, understood.  So it is a Perl convention, possibly
> adopted from Posix (MD) or Cygwin (RK).  All is now clear.
> ** Phil.

in 23rd inst., in response to a message from Akira-san.

** Phil.

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