[tex-live] xindy doesn't work on windows

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Wed Aug 22 23:38:22 CEST 2012

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

> TMPDIR is used on Unix.  The reason why it's checked first is because
> though Cygwin is a Unix like system, the Windows environment is
> inherited.  A few variables are even adapted so that Windows paths can
> be used.
> Here is an excerpt (Cygwin on XP):
>    OS=Windows_NT
>    OSTYPE=cygwin
>    PATH='/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:É:/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/system32:É'
>    TEMP=/cygdrive/c/DOKUME~1/kotucha/LOKALE~1/Temp
>    TMP=/cygdrive/c/DOKUME~1/kotucha/LOKALE~1/Temp
> In order to allow Cygwin users to control the behaviour by setting
> TMPDIR, this variable must have the precedence.

OK, thanks Reinhard, but still somewhat confused in that this
is (as far as I can tell) the first time that Cygwin has come
into this thread ...  Where/how is Cygwin involved ?

** Phil.

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