[tex-live] biblatex error

Marcus Frings iam-est-hora-surgere at despammed.com
Sat Aug 4 14:54:47 CEST 2012

* Joseph Wright <joseph.wright at morningstar2.co.uk> wrote:

> OK, this looks like something went wrong with the scripting when Philip
> Kime did the latest CTAN release. I'll make sure he knows and ask him to
> correct it.

[I guess you and Phil are already working on the issue but I just wanted
to let you know, Joseph.]

I can confirm the error which Daniel has reported because I get the same
bunch of errors/warnings in my real document:

| ! Missing number, treated as zero.
| <to be read again> 
|                    D
| ! Missing = inserted for \ifnum.
| <to be read again> 
|                    D
| ! Package csquotes Error: Outdated 'biblatex' package.
| LaTeX Warning: You have requested, on input line 86, version
|                `' of package biblatex2,
|                but only version
|                `DATE vVERSION programmable bibliographies (biber) (PK/JW/AB)'
|                is available.

In TL2012 I downgraded biber/biblatex to revisions 27056/27055
(v1.0/v2.0 which work but contain my reported subentry bug) or
26868/24596 (v0.9.9/v1.7 which work perfectly), respectively.

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