[tex-live] Oddities concerning listbib package

Christian Mandel c.mandel at gmx.net
Mon Apr 30 16:48:00 CEST 2012

Am 25.04.2012 01:55, schrieb Karl Berry:
>     listbib.tex isn't documentation but a file supporting the listbib
>     shell script and should IMHO be found by kpsewhich and therefore go
>     to tex/latex/listbib/?
> Ack, done.
>     This file is a shell script. Should it be executable? 
> Yes, and in the bin dirs.  Also done.
>     Additionally, the listbib package uses a listbib.bst file which is
>     neither part of the TeX Live installation nor on CTAN 
> That's because listbib.doc is also listbib.bst (see comments at the top
> of the file).  I moved it into TL's bibtex/bst/listbib.

Thanks a lot for figuring that out and for doing the corrections.

>    maybe a CTAN maintainer follows this list ...
> Indeed, Robin Fairbairns is quite active on this list (thanks Robin :),
> but if there had really been a missing file on CTAN, the person to talk
> to would have been the package maintainer, since they are the ones who
> would need to re-upload it.  At least, that would be the first avenue to
> pursue.  Fortunately, nothing is actually missing in this case.

Yes of course, sorry for the noise, I've put everything in one email in
hope for a simple solution ...

Thanks again, regards, Chris

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