[tex-live] Bug#635382: new release of latex-unicode

Wolfgang Jeltsch wolfgang at cs.ioc.ee
Fri Apr 20 09:47:34 CEST 2012

Am Mittwoch, den 18.04.2012, 17:47 +0300 schrieb Wolfgang Jeltsch:
> Furthermore, I have a problem with building the documentation. I’ve
> added a changelog, but it isn’t included in the PDF that LaTeX produces.
> I’ve tried with an additional \RecordChanges, but with no success.

I’ve re-added \RecordChanges now, since it is obviously needed, and
changed a few other details. However, the changelog is still not show.
If you can help me at this point, *please* do. I want the ucs release to
be finally done, and the changelog issue is the main stopping point.
Thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

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