[tex-live] Subject: Can I add a package to support programming in general, SAS in particular?

Tim Arnold Tim.Arnold at sas.com
Tue Nov 29 17:09:42 CET 2011

I'm working on a LaTeX package that helps support reproducible research. It provides specialized verbatim environments that enable writers to send computer code both to a generated external program and to the displayed document. It also provides methods to insert a stream of computer output that is generated from that external program. It is similar in spirit to Sweave or SASweave, but it does not require a weaving/tangling program--it uses TeX/LaTeX only.

I would like to offer this package (on CTAN I hope) using the LPPL. I understand that TeXLive does not include packages that exist only to support non-free software. Do you accept packages that support both non-free software *and* free software (e.g., Perl, R, Python)?

I could modify my package so that it could also be used with languages other than SAS although it is optimized for the SAS language. In fact, it includes a SAS macro file that works with the package. Is it worth my effort to make these modifications, or can you tell from my description that my package has no chance of becoming part of TeXLive?

--Tim Arnold
SAS Instititute, Inc.

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