[tex-live] Win 7: installationproblems, Perl stopped working

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Nov 21 12:33:14 CET 2011

On Mo, 21 Nov 2011, Lars Madsen wrote:
>> width: 730
>> hright: 480

> So far on all the win 7 64-bit laptops I've got my hands on,  
> intstall-tl.bat have failed, whereas install-tl-advanced.bat works.

Can you please try on any failing laptop to:
- in TEXMFROOT (...\texlive\2011\) create a file bla.pl with the
  following content:
	$^W = 1;
	use strict;
	use Tk;
	Tk::MainWindow->new(-width => 730, -height => 480);

- in the same directory create a file bla.bat wiht the following contetn:
	set "path=%~dp0tlpkg\tlperl\bin;%path%"
	set "PERL5LIB=%~dp0tlpkg\tlperl\lib"
	perl "%~dpn0" %*

and then please run
If that works, it should show an empty window of 730x480 dimensions.
If that works, I don't know why it should fail with install-tl-wizard,
but it is a first test.

Best wishes

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