[tex-live] symlinks in $TEXMFHOME ignored

Jorge Scandaliaris jorgesmbox-ml at yahoo.es
Sat Nov 19 05:42:57 CET 2011

It took me a couple of hours to discover that symlinks in $TEXMFHOME are
ignored. This definitely worked for me before (I already did this the past),
probably with texlive2010. I am not sure if this is a bug in texlive, some
configuration problem or something else. 

I installed texlive from my distribution (Ach linux) official repositories, as I
did in the past. I created the '~/texmf/tex/latex' directories, and from there I
created a symlink to the beamer package:

~/texmf/tex/latex $ ln -s ~/sw/beamer-3.12/beamer beamer

This *does not work*! If I do instead:

~/texmf/tex/latex $ cp -rf ~/sw/beamer-3.12/beamer .

then it works. Is there any option that tells texlive (actually kpsepath?) to
ignore symlinks? 



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