[tex-live] latex2html

Robin Fairbairns Robin.Fairbairns at cl.cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 16 18:19:01 CET 2011

Bob Tennent <rdt at cs.queensu.ca> wrote:

> > the issue is linux distributions
> > that were put together when methuselah was young, and which haven't been
> > attended to since.
> That's a little unfair. Jindrich Novy has provided yum repositories for
> TeXLive-2011 on Fedora:
> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/TeXLive
> http://www.linux.cz/mailman/listinfo/texlive

i didn't claim that _all_ linux distributions are out of date, merely
that there are representative examples.  some even distribute tetex
(which makes faq writing tricky, at times...)

of course, since we haven't yet managed to integrate recent fedora
distributions with our authentication system, jindrich's sterling work
doesn't help me.  (a pity; i've preferred redhat/fedora since i left my
last dec alpha behind.)

> But incorporation into an official Fedora release is held up pending
> legal audit. I don't know why one of the unconnected-to-Fedora rpm sites
> doesn't pick up the packages.

presumably for the same reason that

> Debian seems to be at TexLive 2009.

there's work to be done when a new version appears, and unless you have
someone like jindrich beavering away, it just doesn't get done.  that
debian is behind the times, i find confusing, since it has an
industrious member of the tl team working on the problem.

the fact remains that no-one is interested enough in latex2html to
integrate it with tl, and that's the answer your original question.

a concomitant of which is that its appearance in linux distributions
remains erratic.


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