[tex-live] Win 7: installationproblems, Perl stopped working

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Tue Nov 15 14:41:34 CET 2011

Norbert Preining wrote, On 2011-11-11 11:00:
> On Fr, 11 Nov 2011, Lars Madsen wrote:
>> again, but it just seem to be hanging (under wget trying to access the  
>> mirrors)
> Aehmm, how long did you wait???
> Could it be that there is a proxy and you cannot connect without it,
> and the timeout is long, so wget hangs and hangs?
> Or some firewall prohibiting downloads?
> You could do:
> 	- edit the install-tl.bat script
> 	- add 
> 		-d -d
> 	  to the invocation of perl *AFTER* install-tl
> 		...\perl.exe install-tl -d -d <other args>
> and try to capture the output, or see at least where it hangs at
> the very end. OUtput goes to the console.

I edited the line

perl "%~dpn0" %*


perl "%~dpn0" -d -d %*

which does not help much, just got an error back stating:

Unknown option: d



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