[tex-live] Win 7: installationproblems, Perl stopped working

Lars Madsen daleif at imf.au.dk
Fri Nov 11 13:23:30 CET 2011

Norbert Preining wrote, On 2011-11-11 11:05:
> On Fr, 11 Nov 2011, Lars Madsen wrote:
>>> Could it be that there is a proxy and you cannot connect without it,
>>> and the timeout is long, so wget hangs and hangs?
>>> Or some firewall prohibiting downloads?
>> No and no. The danish mirror (dotsrc.org) is usually very fast to respond.
> So other computers can install without problems in the same network?
> The firewall question was related to the very computer we are speaking
> about. THe damned Windows Firewall or Norton Bummy Firewall or
> <ChooseYourProvider> Super Firewall is blocking wget becasue it 
> is a console program??
> Just guessing.
>>> 		...\perl.exe install-tl -d -d <other args>
>> We can try, but I need the student to come back with her laptop
> Yeah, that would be useful.

She will be back on Tuesday

So keep the good ideas coming, also ideas for which information to 
gather from the Win7's that have problems.

(I do not seem to remember any Win7 32-bit having problems, unless the 
user had been messing with the PATH variable and deleted the references 
to the system paths)



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