[tex-live] Minimal Example where TL2011 breaks typesetting that worked in TL2010 (positioning on page)

Ted Pavlic ted at tedpavlic.com
Fri Jan 28 23:58:41 CET 2011

> I don't exactly understand how you can be running TL'11 on Fedora, since
> TL'11 has not been released.  Unless you mean you have installed "our"
> TL'10 (not Fedora packages) and then used tlmgr update ...

The Fedora folks maintaining TeXLive have made the decision to use 
TeXLive 2011/dev as the basic TeXLive distribution. After problems like 
these, they re-released the 2010 distro for people to downgrade back to 

>     I get the test_Fedora_14_TeXLive_2011.pdf, which has
>     the dashed box shoved up against the upper title region.
> The powerdot and pstricks-related packages have both changed
> significantly since the TL'10 release.  Writing to the pstricks mailing
> list would probably be the thing to do.
> (In general, as Andreas said, this sort of thing has to be addressed to
> the appropriate package developers.)

Ok. Thanks. I wasn't really sure what exactly was the source of the 
problem, and the TeXLive folks suggested this group would be a good 
place to start.

Best --

Ted Pavlic <ted at tedpavlic.com>

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