[tex-live] Minimal Example where TL2011 breaks typesetting that worked in TL2010 (positioning on page)

Andreas Hirsch nishni_nowgorod at gaponline.de
Fri Jan 28 19:19:52 CET 2011

Hi Ted,

quoting Ted Pavlic, [28.01.2011 19:00 +0100]:
> TeXLive developers --
> 	I've uncovered an annoying behavior in TL2011 that's causing things 
> that were positioned correctly with TL2010 LaTeX get positioned 
> elsewhere on the page in TL2011 LaTeX. I've pasted the example code at:
> http://pastebin.com/sGRpm7uE
> I have also attached it (test.tex) to this message. Build it with:
> latex test.tex
> dvips test.dvi
> ps2pdf test.ps
> and open the resulting test.pdf. When I build it on my Arch Linux system 
> with TL2010, it (correctly?) produces the attached 
> test_ArchLinux_TeXLive_2010.pdf, which has a space between the upper 
> title region and the dashed box. However, when I build it on my TeXLive 
> 2011 Fedora system, I get the test_Fedora_14_TeXLive_2011.pdf, which has 
> the dashed box shoved up against the upper title region.
> 	I have noticed other similar problems where objects that were 
> positioned in one spot on a page (e.g., centered between two points) are 
> now shifted slightly to the left (e.g., now overlapping with something 
> on the left).

I suggest to take a look at the logfiles and notice the versions of the
packages that are used. I suppose, that the things You mention are not
related to TeXLive itself but to the packages You use.


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