[tex-live] TeX Live build fails: ... no executables under .../inst/bin

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jan 17 23:38:09 CET 2011


Are there binaries under that --prefix?

    >  find: /tmp/D022609/2010-07-20-texlive/inst/bin: No such file or directory
    >  ./Build: Build failed, no executables under /tmp/D022609/2010-07-20-texlive/inst/bin.

My simplistic little code at the end of Build to count binaries doesn't
pay attention to --prefix (take a look, you'll see).  So I doubt this
error is meaningful, sorry.

    > export ARCH=x86_64

FYI, don't do that.  It was never needed.


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