[tex-live] *TeXk

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Jan 17 01:18:31 CET 2011

    And the "k" in "kpathsea" stands for Karl, right?

Yes.  I did that originally to distinguish the kpathsea versions of
dvips, xdvi, dvilj, tex from the originals.  (Paul Vojta still
maintains a non-kpathsea xdvi, incidentally.)

This got carried over to other TeX engines, although I never had all
that much to do with their development.  I removed the k from all the
engine banners a few years ago (after I noticed, basically:).

I would prefer that the ptex in TeX Live not say "k".  I didn't notice
that.  The "(TeX Live YYYY)" is surely sufficient identification.


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