[tex-live] Dependency problem with the "tufte-latex" package

Steven E. Harris seh at panix.com
Sat Aug 27 14:25:53 CEST 2011

I installed the "tufte-latex" package, and allowed it to install its
transitive dependencies (of which I didn't notice any), but when I
attempted to create a document using the "tufte-handout" class, the
document would not compile without me adding the following packages

o xifthen
o ifmtarg
o changepage
o paralist
o sauerj
o placeins

On top of that, I decided to pull in the "tex-gyre" package for the
Pagella font, as a substitute for the impoverished Palatino font that
comes installed with MacOS.

Should the packages listed above be cited as required dependencies for
the "tufte-latex" package? Most of them are available as part of the
"collection-latexextra" collection, but that weighs in at around 885
packages at present, which seems like overkill here.

Steven E. Harris

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