[tex-live] TL2011 on Win7

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Thu Aug 25 00:36:40 CEST 2011

On 2011-08-24 at 22:26:13 +0200, Andreas Hirsch wrote:

 > Hi!
 > in the last weeks some problems were reported concerning TL-install on Win7.
 > I had similar problems and today I give it another try - deactivating
 > the Win-Firewall.
 > This time the installation succeeded! (ok, there was a little problem on
 > the server - a file was missing, but the restart completed it without
 > another error)
 > If suitable for you - here are the screenshots documenting the complete
 > install-process:
 > http://members.gaponline.de/afj/tl2011_win/tl2011_win7_install.zip -
 > feel free to use it.

Hi Andreas,
are you sure that it's necessary to de-activate the firewall?  

I wouldn't do this under any circumstances.  However, it's probably
harmless if your DSL modem has a built-in firewall.

The problems reported here were related to virus scanners and file
locking on Windows.  I think that these problems are halfways
explainable now, but virus scanners and and firewalls are completely
different things.

Do you remember the error messages you got when the firewall was

De-activating the firewall can never be a solution and is extremely
dangerous these days.


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