[tex-live] synctex problem with XeTeX

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Aug 21 20:27:34 CEST 2011

Hi Akira,

    > > However, without the "-no-pdf" option, XeLaTeX ONLY sets
    > > the Offsets to 0 without any changes to the contents,
    > > which could be wrong: it gives wrong position information.

    Fixed in xetex.exe for w32.
    I hope it works correctly after the next update.
    I don't know that is a w32 bug or a generic one.

I tried running xelatex --synctex=1 syncoff.tex with the standard
i386-linux binaries, where syncoff.tex is the trivial file kanLoo
supplied.  The resulting syncoff.synctex.gz has
X Offset:0
Y Offset:0

Running with -no-pdf, the offsets are 4736287.  The only other
difference is that the first line after Content: in the -no-pdf case is
!707, and !695 in the normal case, which sounds like a a4 vs. letter

So what change did you make to the w32tex sources?  Presumably we need
it in the Unix sources too.


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