[tex-live] Package rsfso: font map is not enabled on install

Martin Afanasjew martin.afanasjew at math.tu-freiberg.de
Mon Aug 8 14:03:34 CEST 2011


I'd like to use the font package rsfso to get a more upright version of 
rsfs. However, unlike for the latter, the included "rsfso.map" is not 
enabled on install, thus trying to compile a document using this font 
(see the attached example) with pdflatex fails with an error:

   kpathsea: Running mktexpk --mfmode / --bdpi 600 --mag 1+0/600 --dpi 
600 rrsfso10
   mktexpk: don't know how to create bitmap font for rrsfso10.
   mktexpk: perhaps rrsfso10 is missing from the map file.
   !pdfTeX error: pdflatex (file rrsfso10): Font rrsfso10 at 600 not found

If I add "\pdfmapfile{+rsfso.map}" the error goes away. Manually 
enabling the map also "solves" the problem:

   sudo updmap-sys --enable MixedMap=rsfso.map

I am using revision 21491 of rsfso as indicated by "tlmgr show rsfso".

I believe adjusting "rsfso.tlpsrc" to look more like "rsfs.tlpsrc" in 
the Subversion repository under "trunk/Master/tlpkg/tlpsrc" will solve 
the issue for future users. (I could be very well mistaken on this part 
since this is my first bug report and I don't fully understand all the 
inner workings of TeX Live.)

I'd be happy to provide more information if the above is insufficient.

Best regards,
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