[tex-live] Rubber and Tex Live Native

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Sun Aug 7 12:38:38 CEST 2011

Hi Raphael,


On Fr, 05 Aug 2011, raphael.lallement wrote:
> I already have TL201 in my path and I export the path in my .bashrc (script called on startup of the session). The problem is that I have two TL and it's seems that the wrong one is used.

If the TL from 2011 in /usr/local comes first in the path that shoudl be irrelevant. I, too, have two TL in the path, one from Debian and one from the TL2011 installation.

> - I write a document using biblatex (and commands such as printbibliography)
> - Use rubber to compile and get : Package Biblatex Error : Outdated 'etoolbox' package

Does it use TL2011 or the TL that comes with your Ubuntu?

> To compare I run pdflatex and so but using the full path to the executable, and evrithing works fine.

That means that rubber somehow picks the wrong TeX?

I thing that putting the PATH adjustment in the .bashrc IS*NOT*ENOUGH*!!!!

Did you start *rubber* from the cmd line of a terminal that has the
corect PATH settting? If yes, does it still fail?

I believe:
- you are using gedit and start it from the GNOME panel
- but you have the PATH adjustment in .bashrc, which is *NOT*!!!! evaluated
  for your session, only for shells you start

So can you please:
- open a terminal
- check 
	which pdflatex
- see where it comes from

- open a terminal
- run rubber on the document you want to compile
- check ifit works

- start gedit from *A*TERMINAL* wiht the correct PATH setting
- run the document
- see if it works

That should give yo an idea where is the problem!

> How do you usually compile without rubber ? Did you write a script to do it faster ? (I know it's not really complicated but TIps are usefull ^^)

No, I use pdflatex, etc by hand.

Best wishes

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