[tex-live] mtxrun should write user luatex-cache to a user directory

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 16:20:13 CEST 2011

** Taco Hoekwater [2011-08-01 14:43:36 +0200]:

> On 08/01/2011 02:35 PM, Vladimir Lomov wrote:

>>When installer is run it should use, of course, TEXMFSYSVAR. Right now I
>>don't have any pretty solution (only temporary: swap variables before
>>run mtxrun then back).

> I do not get it: you have write access to TEXMFSYSVAR, so you (for
> all intents) actually are the administrator / system maintainer. How
> is that
> any different from the installer usage, from a program's point of view?

> In other words: if you do not want normal users' programs to put stuff
> in TEXMFSYSVAR, why do you allow write access to TEXMFSYSVAR to normal
> users?  That is a contradiction that to me sounds like a configuration
> error.

Sorry, my fault. Some time ago I decided to install TeX Live (or well,
context minimal too :) as an ordinary user (I don't remember why I did
that choice :( ), so yes, TEXMFSYSVAR is writable by _one_ user (whose
how installed TeX Live, i.e. me).

>>but I was surprised when I run
>>user $ OSFONTDIR="/usr/share/fonts//" mtxrun --generate
>>that cache goes to TXMFSYSVAR but not in mine TEXMFVAR.

>>Actually I consider this as a bug, because if TEXMFSYSVAR
>>is writable then when any user run 'mtxrun --generate' the would be only
>>_one_ cache for _all_ users (imagine two users on the system, one has
>>commercial font other is not).

> As long as the users are not allowed to write TEXMFSYSVAR, that will
> work just fine.

Ok, I got it. Very simple and clever decision. In past I use teTeX,
there were different commands with '-sys' suffix, so I get confused.
I'll change permissions.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

"I don't think they could put him in a mental hospital.  On the other
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