[tex-live] map file of ttf2pk

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Apr 25 02:24:59 CEST 2011

Hi Ulrike,

    In miktex there exist two "ttfonts.map". 
    Are there two ttfonts.map too? 

No, there is only one (as I guess you found), in

    Meanwhile I also saw that the ttfonts.map in fonts\map\ttf2pk is
    from the zhmetrics package - 


    and obviously it has no function apart
    showing the entries needed for the "real" ttfonts.map 

As far as I know, it is useful for people who want to make pk's from
the given Chinese fonts.

    So shouldn't this map-file better be moved to the doc-folder 

I removed it from the runtime, because I now see that those Chinese
fonts (simsun.ttc, simkai.ttf, and the like) don't exist in TL and they
appear to be nonfree, though I couldn't find anything really
authoritative about it.

    and the readme changed so that it tells users how to update the
    correct ttfonts.map?

If you feel like proposing a patch to improve the documentation, please do.


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