[tex-live] texworks in TL 2010

Philip Taylor (Webmaster, Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Nov 12 18:04:34 CET 2010

Lars Madsen wrote:

> please keep your sarcasm to your self. We are trying to get more users
> to start using LaTeX (and friends) and exactly how many pdftex (engine)
> users are there compared to pdflatex users?
> Tools that do not work out of the box for the average new user gives the
> user a bad experience

Your "average new user" is not the universal average new user, Lars.
Just because your institution is trying to get more users to start
using LaTeX does not mean that there are not other, equally significant,
institutions that may be trying to get their users to start using
TeX, LaTeX, PdfTeX, PdfLaTeX, XeTeX, XeLaTeX, Context MK II, Context
MK IV, or some other variant that does not immediately come to mind.
It is not reasonable to expect that TeXworks should come configured
to meet your institution's specific needs.  I do not know with which
engine TeXworks comes configured out of the box, as I have already
re-configured mine, but I find that making the first line of the
source file read


seems to be all that is required to cause PdfLaTeX to be used rather
than PdfTeX as mine is currently configured.

Philip Taylor

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