[tex-live] Problem updating using tlmgr

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Wed Jun 2 04:54:00 CEST 2010

On Mi, 02 Jun 2010, Torsten Andre wrote:
> I installed tex-live 2008. I'd like to update to 2009 and I thought to

Updates between releases are currently not supported. YOu have to
reinstall TL 2009 completely a new.

>From TL 2009 to TL2010 there *MIGHT* be an update mechanism, but 
non of us had time till now to implement it, so don't hold oyur breath.

> Well, whenever I try to update tlmgr always tells me that (I'm translating)
> "the Tex Live database could not be loaded from $newroot. Please select
> a different installation source..."

Yes, because TL2008 is not available anymore on the normal CTAN mirrors.

> the same error. I searched for different server but I always found hints
> to select [2]. I installed tex-live from [1].

Yes, TL2008 is not there anymore. CTAN cannot hold copies of
2008, 2009, and our currently running 2010 pretests. So CTAN holds
only the current release, that is TL 2009.

> Can someone tell me how to update texlive? Thank you very much!

INstall TL2009 as new.

Best wishes

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