[tex-live] Japanese translation of install-tl and tlmgr

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Tue Jun 1 03:25:15 CEST 2010


On Di, 01 Jun 2010, KYokota wrote:
> 1. The first one is a little problematic in which the main menu of
>     tlmgr shows raw utf codes in digits. It looks like:
>           \x{30aa}\x{30d7} ... and so on.
>     Other parts (e.g. submenus and labels) seem fine.

Yes, I think this is a bug in the perl, more specific in Perl/Tk, which
has only recently been fixed (2010-05-13) by a new version of Perl/Tk
(the first release after about 2 yeasrs ;-) I can find the following

	Fixed display of Unicode characters in Windows toplevel menus.

I will try to update our TeX Live Perl for the new Tk as soon as

> 2. The other problem is aesthetic one. The font used for labels
>     seems only for Latin languages and its Japanese presentation
>     looks crappy. Can this be changed to pick up system fonts so

THe font used is the *default* standard system font that is returned.
The perl code does not change any specific font nor any other
property of the font. 

SO I have no idea why the default font has not been selected.

>     UI Gothic in Windows and Fixed font in Unix for Japanese
>     on screen? Submenus of tlmgr are presented fine (I think
>     MS UI Gothic is used over there).

Ahh, so sub menus are right, but the top level menu is wrong? So that
might be the same bug.

Thanks a lot for your contribution and all the best

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