[tex-live] script for LuaTeX font database updating

Élie Roux elie.roux at telecom-bretagne.eu
Thu Feb 25 12:40:10 CET 2010


in the recent development of luaotfload
(http://github.com/mpg/luaotfload), we came up with a script,
that build a font database by parsing the output of fc-list (or
parsing the directories of OSFONTDIR) and exploring the directories in
OPENTYPEFONTS (both in texmf.cnf), and writing a file otfl-fonts.lua
in TEXMFVAR/tex. This file is used in order to be able to call a font
by its name, like XeTeX does.

I'm thinking now about making writing a wrapper for it look more like
another TeXLive script, the thing is I'm not really aware of all the
techniques TeX Live has to use in order to execute scripts on all
platforms, and thus I don't really know how to build it... can someone
explain me how to build such a script (restrictions on languages,
modules to use, etc.)?

Also, currently the script writes in the user's TEXMFVAR, it is a good
idea to make a -sys version of the wrapper that would write in the
system's TEXMFVAR, or is a --sys switch better?

Does it seem reasonable to call fc-cache at the beginning of the
script? Is the name updatefontdb(-sys) OK for it (knowing that it's

Thank you,

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