[tex-live] Bug#570993: texlive-fonts-extra: antiqua.sty missing

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 24 02:01:13 CET 2010

Hi Frank,

    Is there a reason not to include this?  It appears to me as if TeXLive
    contains the contents of CTAN://fonts/urw/antiqua/uaq.zip, 

Plus the contents of urw/antiqua, it looks like.  More or less.  Sort of.

    not of CTAN://fonts/psfonts/urwvf/*. 

Well, in theory we could install urwvf easily enough.  But as always
with these old font sets, things don't look simple.

They look like two different but overlapping sets of files to me.  Both
uaq.zip and urwvf include many of the same tfm's and other stuff.  I
didn't check if they are really the same.  Furthermore, urwvf
conglomerates antiqua and grotesk.  (I wonder if anyone actually uses
these two little fonts or if this is all just theory ...)

If the metrics are really the same, I guess I could go forward.
Otherwise, it looks to me like the cleanest way would be to prepare one
set of files, say "urwextra", which combines urwvf, antiqua, and

Anyone happen to know if ToMasz Wierzbicki (urwvf author) is still

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