[tex-live] Include type1 package for Garamond fonts

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Tue Feb 23 23:04:31 CET 2010

On 23 February 2010 Arthur Reutenauer wrote:

 > > The changes to suggest (/UniqueID etc.) are trivial with FontForge.
 >   Reportedly there also are issues with the license, see the
 >   original thread.
 > > Surely that's not the problem?
 >   The problem is that the author, by his own admission, wrote those
 > files for a friend and never had the intention of distributing it
 > anywhere.

Well, making them available is some kind of distribution, isn't it?

 > Plus, he's obviously uncomfortable with the idea of devising a
 > package for TeX Live.  It feels to me like the people wanting to
 > have it included in TeX Live should ask for his permission and take
 > things over.

Sorry, I didn't cite the whole response.  He also said:

 > So I would say that anybody who steps up to do the improvements
 > that you suggest has my blessing, and should get due credit for
 > it. I will do anything I can do to make this happen, should for
 > instance I have forgotten to ship a file that I used to build these
 > fonts.

But there are still a few other problems:

 * If someone is willing to take over maintenance, I assume that he
   needs the fontinst sources.  Gaël improved kerning pairs.  This
   affects the metric files, not the fonts themselves.  It's better to
   have the sources instead of reverse-engineer things.

 * The glyph outlines should be revised because there are some
   glitches which might be visible.

I think that anybody who wants to take over maintenance has to contact
Gaël anyway.  And he has to be familiar with a font editor (fontforge,
for instance) and with fontinst.

I didn't reverse-engineer the tfm files.  Gaël replaced the original
glyph "Q" by something where the stroke at the bottom is much longer.
It looks very nice if a "Q" is followed by a "u", but it looks very
strange in abbreviations like "FAQ".  I assume that it's possible to
convince fontinst to treat "Qu" as a ligature.

Furthermore, I think that if someone is very familiar with fontinst,
much more can be done.  The new OsF are still mono-spaced.  This looks
ugly in continuous text but is required for tables.  I think that it's
quite useful to have some virtual fonts with different metrics and
some TeX macros which allow to switch between them.  But as I said
before, thorough knowledge of fontinst is required.

If someone is brave enough to proceed, I don't want to stop him.  But
I'm sure that all this is non-trivial.


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