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Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 06:47:20 CET 2010

** Steve MC Han [2010-02-15 16:09:29 -0800]:

> Thanks for your response.

> <<c:/texmf-local/tex
> It seems that TEXMFHOME does not exist on your computer>>
> This directory is empty. Also I use latex. Do I need to create TEXMFHOME or can I just use c:/texmf-local/tex instead for my purpose? i.e., move all my frequently used input file in here to call from any working directory.
Hm, it is not so easy but it is simple. Consider example: latex package
'geometry'. It is located in
(file geometry.sty).

So if your want to use package FOO (file FOO.sty) and this package isn't
in TL then create directory
and copy this file into this directory.

Then refresh FNDB (file name database or ls-R in TL terminology) using

With plain tex 'packages' situation is similar.
> <<What kind of bad experiences?>>
> After a couple of days of struggling (with a lot of help from experts in this site), I was finally succeeded in downloading TexLive2008, but pdf file showed smaller size output. I used (still using Latex-->dvips-->pstopdf.
You should give TL2009 a try. It could be installed in parallel with TL2007
(only executables should preceed TL2007 ones in PATH)
> Again I asked many people from this site, but I don't even know whether the problem was solved or not. Since then, I decided to stick to TexLive2007 until I need more function.
So if someting goes wrong this list is right place to ask question.
> <<..installation of scheme-full takes about 9 minutes ..>>
> That's amazing! I remember it took more than 6 hours last year! It's very tempting to try again, maybe.
IMHO TL2009 much more easy to install especially using net installation.

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