[tex-live] [patch] More consistent paper handling in texconfig

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Wed Feb 17 00:27:49 CET 2010

    Should texconfig start configuring context's paper default, too?  

If you care enough about it to implement it and send me the patch, I
have no objection.  I won't be working on it myself.

    What are your long-term plans?  Is it planned to let tlmgr replace
    texconfig once in the future?  Or will texconfig continue to be
I expect that texconfig will exist forever, essentially in its present
state.  As you know, I'm happy to incorporate changes or make
simple-enough fixes, but do not plan to ever do any significant new

    What's the status in Windows?  I guess cmd.exe might not be able to run
    texconfig - 

Naturally it cannot run in "default" Windows, being a shell script.

    should it be reimplemented in luatex?

There is no need.  Essentially all of texconfig has already been
reimplemented (by Norbert) in tlmgr (in Perl, which we provide in TL).
Thus Windows users can run tlmgr.


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