[tex-live] Bug#566591: pdfxmltex stumbles over supp-pdf.mkii

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sun Feb 14 01:55:03 CET 2010

First, I checked in the fix for pdfxmltex.ini.

    ! You can't use `macro parameter character #' in horizontal mode.
    l.82     \def\@@mptopdf@@twodigitrounding#

Is there any way to "escape" into TeX in an xmltex document?

Anyway, to make a start at debugging this, I copied xmltex.cfg to my current
directory and appended
as the last line.  The resulting big log file shows that supp-pdf.mkii
is being read with unusual (xmltex's, I suppose) catcodes.  \, for
example, expands to \utfeightay \

Since supp-pdf.mkii is being loaded at \begin{document} time, I suppose
xmltex's catcodes are already in effect.  \GPT at catcodes seems to be
getting invoked, and it doesn't include \catcode`\\=0.  And just adding
it in the obvious way caused new and worse errors.

Evidently color is getting loaded by xmltex's sec.xmt, which is what
triggers the rest.  And presumably that is necessary.  So I guess we
somehow have to either arrange for the right catcodes to be set, or add
an option to pdftex.def to tell it not to load supp-pdf.mkii.  I tried
disabling those inputs in pdftex.def, and then your sample .fo did get
processed ok.  And xmltex is not likely to need to transparently read
.mps files.

No solution yet, but that's my allotment for today.


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