[tex-live] [Fwd: Re: Some observations for TL09 DVD and texworks]

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Thu Feb 11 16:05:51 CET 2010

Lars Madsen a écrit :
>>> * I was wondering, will the TL manager opdate TeXWorks when a new 
>>> version arrives? I noticed that apparently MikTeX ships with a newer 
>>> TeXWorks version (at least it had a scripts menu item, which my test 
>>> version does not have)
>> Really? Is there a newer texworks version out there than the one
>> in TL? If yes please let me know and we update it, no problem.
> I'm not sure, just noticed the 'scripts' menu that isn't in the TL
> installated TeXWorks
> It might be something that MikTeX have added.
I didn't follow TW developement recently, but at some point, there was two
unofficial patches, one adding Lua scripting support, the other adding printing
support, and Alain Delmotte maintained windows builds of TW with those patches

According to the official TW page on tug.org, version the 0.2.x branch is the
stable branch and doesn't offer those features, which are listed in the "future"
section. (And IIRC, Jonathan may prefer to provide scripting in QtScript (of
whatever Qt calls their ECMAscript variant) rather than in Lua, for practical
reasons, so I don't think it's a good idea to provide Lua scripting to users if
it is to disappear in the next version...)


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