[tex-live] rumakeindexx and rumakeindexx2 error in TeXLive2009 distribution

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Mon Feb 8 00:11:32 CET 2010

    I'm using TeXLive 2009, Win7 rumakeindexx and rumakeindexx2 does not
    work as they depend on iconv that is not installed with TeXLive
    distribution and is absent in Win by default. It may be useful to
    include iconv in TeXLive distribution or appropriate instructions
    for rumakeindexx and rumakeindexx2

TL isn't an operating system.  I don't want to provide iconv in general.

What would be nice is if the libraries could be statically linked on
Windows.  Failing that, I agree that instructions would be highly
desirable.  I'm not able to do either one myself; I hope others can make
it happens.

Thanks for the report,

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