[tex-live] texdoc + flafter and a question

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Tue Feb 2 14:01:10 CET 2010


Lars Madsen a écrit :
> texdoc flafter
Since this is at least the third request in a few days concerning a package from
latex/base, I decided to systematically review them. Here is the result:

# latex/basic classes
alias article = classes
alias report = classes
alias book = classes
#alias ltxguide = ???
#alias minimal = ???
adjscore(minimal) europecv = -1000 # false positive

# latex/basic packages, grouped by dtx
alias bezier = latex209
alias fleqn = latex209
alias leqno = latex209
alias openbib = latex209
alias t1enc = latex209
alias fix-cm = fixltx2e
alias flafter = source2e
alias tracefnt = source2e
alias fontenc = source2e
alias textcomp = source2e
alias(20) fontenc = encguide
alias(20) textcomp = encguide
alias makeidx = makeindx
alias showidx = makeindx
alias shortvrb = base/doc

I didn't feel a need to add aliases like article-pkg = latex209 (for
article.sty). For fontenc and textcomp, the two results encguide and sourc2e
will be given in this order. For minimal, I'm not sure it's useful to show
minimal.cls (anf in any case I won't do it just right now since it requires
changes in the code), so I just killed the false positive from europecv.

Please comment if I got something wrong or forgot anything.


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