[tex-live] gost780 and bibentry

Vladimir Lomov lomov.vl at gmail.com
Thu Apr 29 16:28:31 CEST 2010


(I think this is not right place to post such questions. Use texhax
mailing list).

2010/4/29 Ilya Leoshkevich <i at kaf42.ru>:
> Hi folks,
> I ran into gost780 bibliography style interacting in a bad way with bibentry
> package.
> Here is the minimal failing example (it works fine if you replace gost780u
> with plain):
> awk at cave:~/bib$ cat bib.tex
> \documentclass[14pt,a4paper]{extreport}
> \usepackage{bibentry}
> \nobibliography*
> \begin{document}
> \bibentry{Wow}
> \bibliographystyle{gost780u}
> \nobibliography{bib}
> \end{document}
> awk at cave:~/bib$ cat bib.bib
> @article {Wow,
>         author = {John Doe and Jane Doe},
>         title = {Cool stuff},
>         journal = {Acme},
>         year = {2010},
>         volume = {1},
>         pages = {1-2}
> }

I'm not a big expert in TeX and LaTex but I look into bibentry.sty
code and found that it redefines thebibliography environment. It uses
\begingroup and \endgroup commands and that means that
opens a block and \def command is not propagated into block. Package
gost should use \gdef instead of \def.

Try your code again and change \def in bbl file (before second run of
pdflatex) to \gdef. You see that there will be not error.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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