[tex-live] Texlive2009 uninstall

Matteo Montalto foo-lish at email.it
Tue Apr 27 23:26:01 CEST 2010

I installed texlive2009 using the script that wgets packages directly on 
the web. Now the distro is up-to-date but since the installation was 
manual, it gives me a lot of problems in managing dependencies since 
every latex editor (Gummi, DeSigle, and so on) I'd like to install 
requires latex-base and many other latex-* packages ... My distro is an 
ubuntu 9.04 based one, synaptic just recognizes texlive as packaged from 
the repository, and it's the 2007 version :(

So... I'd like to uninstall texlive 2009 as installed by the script and 
then install Texlive 2007 from ubuntu repositories. Eventually I'll 
manage every latex package update manually.
But... how to remove completely texlive 2009 as installed by the script? 
Can anyone give me an help ? I'm completely stuck'd.
Thanks in advance ;)

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