[tex-live] Centering section

David Collins davidcollins001 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 22 11:58:58 CEST 2010


I have been using tex for a while but only so far as writing documents
and using other peoples style files.

Anyway, I am trying to write my CV. I have found a style that I like
but it is doing something funny with the address that I don't like.

The following section of code:

  % print the name centered
  \leavevmode\hbox to \textwidth{\hfil\@tablebox{\namefont\@name}\hfil}\par
  % address
  \leavevmode\hbox to \textwidth{\hfil\@tablebox{\@addressone}\hfil}\par

produces an address that is centered on the page but not with respect
to itself, i.e.,

\address{Road Name\\City\\postcode}

produces (centered on the page):

Road Name

but I want something like the following:

Road Name

but I cannot figure out how to make this happen in the style file, any
help would be much appreciated.


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