[tex-live] texlive perl

Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard mpg at elzevir.fr
Wed Apr 21 20:23:30 CEST 2010

John Collins a écrit :
> T T wrote:
>> The problem seems to be with Perl.  I can't start AR9 from Perl at
>> all, always the same error as you see.  What's even more bizarre, I
>> can't start AR9 from any child process started from Perl!  So there is
>> something that is inherited from the perl.exe process that causes AR
>> to crash, but I have no clue what it might be and I couldn't find
>> anything suspicius in Perl's sources regarding process spawning.  I'm
>> out of ideas I'm afraid.
> The problem appears to be AR9 specific.  I have no trouble starting AR8
> in the same way.
> Do you know whether the problem always occurs when a perl script tries
> to start AR9, or whether it only occurs if perl has been started by a TL
> wrapper program?  (I think there was a statement in an earlier message
> that the problem doesn't occur if perl is started from the command line.)
Just tested on my Win XP box, with up-to-date texlive-scripts, and foo.pl
containing only system('start doc.pdf') (PDF associated with AR9).

perl foo.pl works (perl.exe from Strawberry Perl found in the path)
c:\texlive\2009\tlpkg\tlperl\bin\perl.exe foo.pl works too

runscript tlperl foo.pl fails

I'm afraid this is related to our wrapper indeed.

I didn't test by installing foo.pl in a texmf tree with a wrapper in bin (which
would mean using our wrapper but with my strawberry perl instead of tlper unless
I'm mistaken), I htg now, but I can test later if needed.


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